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About Seth B Minkin

Over the years, my oil on canvas originals have been profoundly shaped and defined by a broad range of projects along with many commissions and collaborations, not to mention the amazing people behind them. My clients tend to be brilliant, accomplished people who have a high degree of creative vision themselves, and they are eager to be a part the process to create very specific works for their enjoyment, making the commission process a highly interactive exchange in which the client plays an important role.

In the case of each past commission, the typically large scale works that were created were either subjects that I may not have broached on my own or, in other cases, they were very grand, ambitious and elaborate works. The creation of these pieces, along with the rest of the body of my work, has helped to refine my process, build my endurance and has inspired me to think even bigger, and to keep pushing ahead and exploring the possibilities. Most of all, however, I continue to be inspired by the process of collaborating with those who value my work and place importance in what I do.

My latest collaboration involves working with some of the best and brightest in the photography and printing world to produce museum quality prints that reflect the beauty and detail of my original oil on canvas paintings.  A curated selection of prints is now available in several sizes, either unframed or framed.  

For custom orders or special requests, I am happy to do my best to accommodate you.  Please get in touch!