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seth b minkin [art]

Armed with a BFA from Skidmore and an MFA from Tufts, Seth’s art career has spanned 25 years and he has spent countless hours defining and refining his process, a practice that has allowed him to create a body of work numbering literally thousands of pieces, from single small canvasses, to large multi-panel works.

Primarily known for his large, bold and dynamic oil on canvas paintings that are as detailed as they are whimsical, and as inspiring as they are inspired, his career has focused on celebrating the beauty, form and rhythm of every day concepts and objects in both literal and abstract form.Seth spent his early years living in a small, quaint coastal town just outside of Boston and derives much inspiration for his work from nautical themes, but with a modern interpretation that gives them a fresh, contemporary edge.  His travels and experiences in life have also given him much to draw from, both in terms of imagery and emotion. 

Seth’s works appear in many significant private and corporate collections around the world.

jill minkin [design]

Having lived in 3 countries on 3 continents for at least 5 years each before the age of 20, Jill draws from a vast landscape of personal experience, along with a 20+ year career in strategy, sales and consulting spanning the financial services,  wealth management, real estate and venture capital industries.

In 2016, Jill took a break from the corporate world in favor of the creative, joining forces with Seth, as a creative collaborator and product manager for several product lines based on Seth's art.  

Her unique and unconventional approach to life, combined with her passion for learning and discovering new things, not only allow Jill to see the possible in the impossible, but to  take the steps necessary to bring them to life.  Not content with average or ordinary or what is status quo, Jill is constantly tinkering, questioning, and having fun playing with theories, ideas and solutions, all in the interest of finding new ways to evolve or execute big ideas. 

seth + jill [fine art][for home + body]

Together, Seth and Jill are the dynamic duo behind Seth B Minkin and are dedicated to pushing the envelope in art and life. Together, they’ve lived, they’ve loved, they’ve traveled, and they’ve conspired to create a selection of fun and fresh fine art products for home + body, all inspired by Seth’s art and designed by Jill, in their South Boston studio.   

The Minkins’ ultimate goal is to make the world a more inspired and inspiring place by creating beautiful, high quality accessories that people love and, most importantly, love to live with and wear every day.