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Available in early July!

We're pleased to announce the debut of the re[fine]d [art] line, a bold, whimsical selection of modal/cashmere scarves featuring original art work by Seth B. Minkin.  

In order to faithfully capture the spirit of the originals and to provide a fresh, new perspective on the category of wearable art, bold, fun images have been married with upscale fabric, in concert with high definition inks and the most advanced digital  printing technology,  to yield a bright  and colorful line of luxurious pieces with a re[fine]d [art] edge.

Each piece is printed on a blend of 85% modal and 15% cashmere, fabric prized for its softness, drape, durability and its resistance to both creasing and pilling, making it long lasting and easy to care for. 

Modal, a sustainable material made from the pulp of beech trees, is  known for its absorbance and ability to hold dye, making it the ideal surface to represent each and every detail and  nuance evident in the original art. The addition of cashmere lends a luminous, ethereal quality to the fabric, making each piece not only stunning, but a true joy to wear.

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