I love to collaborate with other creatives, makers, brands and business to come up with new ideas or simply push the limits of old ones into new territory. Following, are a few examples of my favorite partnerships from recent years, that always bring a smile to my face. If you see something that resonates and you have a project you'd like to discuss, please reach out.



A few years ago, I was approached to paint a set of wine boxes for Bullhorn, the recruiting tech company in Boston. For the first couple of years, they provided a balsa wood box that I adorned with a particular theme, added a matching custom silk pocket square to line the interior.

However, when Bullhorn commissioned a killer painting of a Boston Map for the lobby of their office in downtown Boston, I had another idea:

Instead of balsa, think walnut. And, instead of paint, think laser engraving.

And so the concept of the 2022 wine box came together, with Bullhorn's own Boston Map laser engraved onto the lid of a custom walnut wine box.

As in previous years, a custom silk pocket square was designed to line the interior of the box, once again featuring Bullhorn's very own Boston Map.

This was one of the most fun projects I've done over the years. It's really cool and fun to see your art come to life in unique and special ways and I am proud that this version was very well received.

It's an honor and a pleasure to work with people who respect and appreciate what you do. The team at Bullhorn are a great bunch and it's been really fun collaborating with them over the years.

And now, on to the 2023 box!

[castaway nantucket]


Nantucket has always held a special place in my heart, having spent plenty of family time there as a kid. When I was approached by the team at Castaway Nantucket about collaborating on a pair of their swim trunks, I jumped at the chance. What could be better than combining my love of art and my love for an island?

The team decided to go with an example from my 'sardines' series and for the 2016 summer season, a new, fun pair of swim trunks was added to their collection. Since they were successful commercially, they were renewed for the 2017 season.

Castaway is a really fun company that makes really high quality goods that are irreverent and fun and truly a joy to wear.

Check them out!

A custom watch by Montana Watch, featuring finely engraved Goldfish by Seth B Minkin

[montana watch company]


I've always had a fascination and affinity for watches so it was both and honor and a pleasure to collaborate with one of America's preeminent watch makers, Jeff Nashan of Montana Watch Company.

Jeff is a true renaissance man and maker of absolutely stunning time pieces that can be customized to your heart's content. Several of his pieces have been further adorned with my artwork, thanks to the Bulino engraving method and his stable of ultra talented artists who translate and execute their own miniature versions of my work using their own talent and artistry.

This is, by far, one of the coolest and most fun partnerships I've had over my career. It's been a pleasure working with Jeff and seeing my work rendered in fine lines and precious metals.

Big Sky Journal did a terrific write up on Jeff and his business a few years ago and I was proud to see that my 'Goldfish' watch was included in the article.

Check it out!

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