Shown: Red Squares, an oil on canvas original painting by seth b minkin

[red squares][2019]

[24"x12"][oil on canvas]

A big thing in a small package. Dimensions add a lot to the personality of an artwork. The rich, condensed palette of reds along with its’ small but mighty 12” x 24” frame, project the feel of a delightful box of chocolates, while the unusual array of organized, metallic pigments evoke a sense of treasure or luxury.

These little red squares are another great example of the harmony between the organic and the geometric. There is something very gratifying about this combination, much like the perfect food and wine pairing (burgundy reference intended). It bears repeating that this series served as the bridge that ultimately led to the total abstracts series. Zoom into a section and you’ll see the potential for it to be its very own large scale piece.

This original oil on canvas painting is available for sale. Please inquire for pricing and delivery information.

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