Shown: White Circles, an oil on canvas original painting by seth b minkin

[white circles][2018]

[36"x36"][oil on canvas]

Graceful rhythm combine with whimsical energy to create a composition reminiscent of equal parts musical notation and scientific exploration. The color scheme presents an array of earth tones that pair surprisingly well with the more unexpected textures and colors that read as otherworldly.

Each individual composition presents as contents of a slide being examined under a microscope; its contents magnified to reveal details not normally detectable to the human eye. The meticulous nature of the white lines increases as the shapes decrease in size as they approach the highly detailed center. The condensation of white provides levity, along with a crisp, graphic framework for one to study and enjoy each little contained universe.

This original oil on canvas painting is available for sale. Please inquire for pricing and delivery information.

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