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Seth B. Minkin



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My "Abstracts" series represents a significant turning point in my artistic journey. Transitioning from my roots as a realist with a penchant for caricature, these abstract pieces embody a newfound language of creativity and interpretation. Each painting captures a moment in time, brimming with tangible energy and undeniable presence—a reflection of the dedication and passion I pour into my work.

The process behind these artworks is as captivating as the pieces themselves. Utilizing metallics and other pigments, I craft surfaces that are both grainy and reflective, responding beautifully to light. Layers of paint over time result in rich, sophisticated color tones, meticulously manipulated to perfection. "True Blue," a standout piece in the series, exemplifies my journey into abstraction—a chance discovery that led to a deliberate process of elimination, stripping away familiar techniques to reveal the purity of simplicity.

My series harmoniously blends organic and geometric elements, each painting exuding its own unique energy and rhythm. While the "Shapes" series marries graphic elements with organic forms, the pure abstracts offer a more subtle yet dynamic interpretation, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the depths of interpretation, much like gazing at a cloud-filled sky.

In essence, my "Abstracts" series breathes new life into my artistry, infusing it with an organic feel that mirrors the beauty of nature itself. It's a journey of enlightenment and rejuvenation, where my art and I intertwine, each giving and receiving in equal measure, creating a timeless legacy of creativity and expression.

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    When you acquire a limited edition print, your print will be signed, numbered, and carefully rolled in a heavy-duty tube, ensuring its safety during transportation. You can expect delivery of your print within 7 - 10 days.

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    For our "ready-to-hang" option, we offer a white solid wood frame with a 1" profile and a depth of 2.25". High-quality acrylic glazing ensures optimal protection, while a wire hanger allows for easy and secure installation, providing a museum-like experience in the comfort of your own space. Your framed print will arrive within 10 - 14 days.

The image shows seth b minkin working on an oil on canvas original painting in his studio in south boston

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Located in South Boston, just a stone's throw from the Boston Design Center and the Seaport District, Seth's studio is the perfect vantage point to see where the paint flies and view his incredible pieces.

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