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Seth B. Minkin

64.1 + 64.2 DIPTYCH | 2015

64.1 + 64.2 DIPTYCH | 2015

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This creation has the feel of a condensed, elaborate set of jewelry boxes with each panel containing 64 objects that are equal parts oddly recognizable and other-worldly. Packed with detail and adorned with a saturated array of gold tones, 64.1 & 64.2 are the culmination of a broad range of projects, both abstract and representational.

The organization of the objects recalls the structure of previous works like 'The Bento Box' and 'The Tackle Box', however, in this case, the contents are intentionally vague. This artwork combines the whimsical feel of caricature with bold, sophisticated, painterly techniques that demand each object, cartoonish or otherwise, get its due respect and attention.

Upon further inspection, one begins to imagine the potentially exotic origins of each object. Did they come from the bottom of the ocean, or perhaps another galaxy? The overarching idea being that it's far more rewarding to linger and submit oneself to the range of possibilities, as opposed to hastily procuring a specific algorithm to define the experience.

The very nature of creating abstract artworks exists in an ethereal place between the beautifully foreign and the strangely familiar. While rather challenging, it is extremely refreshing to produce a painting that requires the creator and the viewer to reflect inward and find one's own individual connection with the experience.

Please note: this is a diptych and is sold as a set. The price reflects the price for both pieces / the set.  

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The image shows seth b minkin working on an oil on canvas original painting in his studio in south boston

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Located in South Boston, just a stone's throw from the Boston Design Center and the Seaport District, Seth's studio is the perfect vantage point to see where the paint flies and view his incredible pieces.

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